Eat Like a Gilmore

For all of us that desperately want to try Sookie’s magic risotto and Founders Day Punch! And salmon puffs! Because “anything is good in a puff!” Here you will find everything you need for your Gilmore Girls viewing party on November 25th!

Penguin Galaxy Series

Penguin is hitting me right in the pocketbook with another beautifully designed classic series! The Penguin Galaxy series represents six of the greatest masterworks of science fiction and fantasy, in dazzling collector-worthy hardcover editions, and featuring a series introduction by a Neil Gaiman. These novels are a constellation of achievement in visionary fiction, lighting the way toward our knowledge of the universe, and of ourselves.

Dragons Love Tacos!

Dragons Love Tacos is one of my nephews’ favorite books. We have had many dragon taco nights* and I am so excited to finally have an actual dragon that can attend! This is a perfect gift for the kids in your life. The book is endlessly hilarious and the plush dragon with his taco is almost too adorable. *exclusively serving MILD salsa!

The Singing Bones

Do you ever find yourself thinking, “Grimm’s fairy tales could be creepier…?” Well, apparently Shaun Tan did because he has turned them into the most beautiful nightmares with The Singing Bones. Wicked stepmothers, traitorous brothers, cunning foxes, lonely princesses: There is no mistaking the world of the Brothers Grimm and the beloved fairy tales that have captured generations of readers. Shaun Tan shows us the beautiful, terrifying, amusing, and downright peculiar heart of these tales as never before seen. 


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