Incredible Things!

Facts, reference, and record books are some of our most popular in the kid's section. Many of them have similar text with graphics rotated out from year to year, but every once in a while I find a new one that I get excited about. This year that book is 13 1/2 Incredible Things You Need to Know about Everything! On each page spread you get thirteen facts on one topic and then the extra half fact that dispels or clarifies a common misconception.

Get your autographed copy of the new book by John Green!

John Green has spent the last few weeks signing copies of his new book, Turtles All the Way Down, unlike The Fault in Our Stars not every first printing copy will be signed. However, we have a limited number of autographed copies! You can get a copy here through the website, give us a call, shoot an email, or come down to the store for a visit...carrier pigeon might work, seems iffy though.

2017 ALA Award Winners Announced

The American Library Association announced their 2017 roster of award winners yesterday! I anticipate this list each year, eager to know which books were awarded, but especially eager to see if the awards went to any of my favorite books of the previous year. I'm a huge fan of kid lit and have a solid library of middle grade and picture book titles in my personal collection. I've also been collecting Newberry and Caldecott award winning books for years, so I get a special sort of thrill when seeing this list and finding new books that will soon have a home in my library.


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