A Holocaust Survivor's Journey

Ruth and Jack Gruener helped Alan Gratz to tell a fictionalized version of their story in Prisoner B-3087. Gratz's novel goes over the time Jack spent being shuffled from one concentration camp to the next and that Ruth spent in hiding. It highlights the relentless suffering they experienced throughout the second World War. Ruth's new memoir, Out of Hiding, tells the story of what came after.

Spooky Season Reads!

I love Spooky Season. I know that is basically cliche to say but seriously, let's just revel in it. The weather is nice. Pumpkin bread is delicious. And I can stay up too late every night reading spooky stories and eating candy that was meant for trick-or-treaters. Basically, this is me just living my best life. I always have at least one book that I look forward to reading around Halloween. This year it is Harrow the Ninth, the sequel to Gideon the Ninth which you all know I aboslutely adored.


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