Bound to the Shadow Prince

In order to protect her kingdom from the wrath of a vengeful goddess, Princess Candra must remain locked inside a tower for seven years. Seven long years without a friend—or a lover—by her side. And shut inside the tower with her? A Fellian, the enemy of her people, a fearsome warrior race complete with wings and claws and fangs. Nemeth is terrifying, cruel, and disturbingly magnetic. Candra should kill him for his supplies, but she’s desperate for his company…and his touch.

The Match

The author of Practice Makes Perfect comes an expanded edition of The Match—a charming romance novel about second chances and the healing power of love, with a never-before-seen chapter.

Sometimes love finds you when you least expect it.

Pokémon Book of Evolutions

How does a feeble Cubchoo evolve into a fearsome Beartic? Why do some Poke´mon like Eevee have eight Evolutions, while Poke´mon such as Mimikyu have none at all? What exactly does an Evolution Stone do? Find out all these answers and more in this colorful, fact-packed book.


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