Michelle Reviews: An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

Hank Green has written a novel about science, puzzles, and being an internet celebrity, and it is everything you are expecting! An Absolutely Remarkable Thing is Contact meets Ready Player One, but it manages to be more fun than the former and more insightful than the latter. Average human April May discovers and vlogs about an interesting art piece that shows up in NYC. Her life quickly goes off the rails as the entire world questions just what these beings that April has dubbed 'Carls' represent. What threat or opportunity do they pose?

#DonIgnatius: Perception and Delusion

We’ve made it through our first three weeks of Don Quixote and at this point, halfway through the first part of the novel, it is clear that there are many ways to read Cervantes’ classic. One fact that I want to bring up before diving into everyone’s thoughts, this novel was originally published in 1612, that is over four hundred years ago. Everyone here at CHB is reading Edith Grossman’s 2013 English translation of the novel and there is much to be said about her abilities as a translator and just how readable her translation is to a modern audience.

CHB and the Great American Read: #DonIgnatius

I am deeply fascinated by the choices on the Great American Read list. Some of my favorite books are listed. There are books on this list that I genuinely believe to be among the greatest novels of all time. Books that hold a deep personal relevance for me. Books that I've never read. And a few that I never thought I would! As I read through the list, I knew I would want to challenge myself this summer to conquer a few of my personal unread books.

Michelle and Sophie Review: Children of Blood and Bone

Sophie and I recently read and LOVED the same book, so I thought it was only fair for us to jointly review it. Our enthusiasm for Children of Blood and Bone knows no bounds!

M: Holy world building, Batman! This book is fantastic. The world Adeyemi has created is so detailed, the characters are wonderful, even the animals are amazingly described. Add to that the fact that this is a clear allegory to our times and then sit back in awe that this future YA classic is a debut.


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