New Releases - 9/10/2019

So many great books today! Including two books that focus on talking about death with children. Whether you want to think about it or not, the question of death is frequently on your kid's mind. Don't get freaked out - get educated!

It's our Anniversary!

Today is a special day! It's our ten year anniversary!! On September 5, 2009 we celebrated our grand opening and of course, we didn't take any pictures. But, I've got some great ones of our first big book shipment. This was such an exciting moment! We are so grateful for all of the support our community has offered us over the last ten years! It is an honor to be here still recommending books and sharing so much enthusiasm for books and community and coming together all these years later! Here's to ten more years!

Pre-Order The Star Shepherd by Dan Haring and Marcykate Connolly

Have you preordered your copy of The Star Shepherd yet? This fun middlegrade steampunk fantasy has been called 'Neil Gaiman meets How to Train Your Dragon' and that is right up my alley (a little bit creepy with a lot of heart!). This one releases next week, give us a call or visit the website to preorder and you'll get these super awesome goggles to go along with your book!

Pre-Order the New Tales of Pell Book!

Delilah S. Dawson and Kevin Hearne have taken the "chosen one" narrative and turned it on its head with the Tales of Pell novels. The unexpected is at last actually unexpected and littered with puns. In Kill the Farmboy, we meet Worstley, a down on his luck farmboy, and his talking goat Gustave. An especially disheveled pixie foretells of Worstley's rise to greatness. Of course it all goes a bit sideways from there.


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