Eudora Welty's Collected Stories


Eudora Welty appreciation post! I am loving this new edition of her collected stories. In her introduction, Ann Patchett likens reading a career collection to making one's way through an artist's retrospective "to see the full development of a vision." I could not agree more and relish collections from beloved authors whether I am coming to them for the first time or returning to them.

Girls Survive Series!

New series! The Girls Survive series from Capstone Publishing is here with four historical adventure stories of young girls fighting for survival. Fans of the I Survived series take note, especially those lamenting how few books in that series feature female protagonists.

New Releases - 3/19/19

Happy Tuesday! It's a book birthday for all of these beauties including the first in a new fantasy series by Kobe Bryant! Another big YA book is at the top of my personal list this week, Internment by Samira Ahmed, this is a dystopian look at a world that feels all too close in which Muslim people are forced into internment camps. There's also an ode to Spring and a trip to Mister Roger's Neighborhood... and have you seen this moon puzzle?

Chunksters, or the Dream TBR

Everyone has that one (or more!) book they know they will get to one day; the size of it is just too intimidating for right now. I know I have a few of them! One of of my dream TBR (that's, to-be-read, as in the ever growing list) titles is Moby-Dick. I think about it every year, but I never actually get around to it. Recently, we had someone in the shop that urged me to read chapter 38 of Moby-Dick and said reading this one chapter would give me a sense of the philosophical scope of the novel and make me want to dive in.


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