The Adventures of Harry the Lizard

One morning as the bookstore opened bright,

A young bookseller noticed something weird:

A movement in the corner of her sight - 

A small, thin creature suddenly appeared!

It was a lizard, running quick away,

For her approach had given him a fright.

She named him Harry and she let him stay;

It suited him and seemed entirely right.

And so dear Harry scurried through the books!

He found some children's titles he admired,

And gave them all a lizard-friendly look

But he soon he found the place that he required.

Good Harry settled in a kids display;

It's better than a cupboard, that's for sure!

He liked the series 'bout the Jedi way;

The Phantom Bully left him wanting more!

So now small Harry's made our store his home.

We really wouldn't like to see him go,

But lizards need to wander and to roam,

He needs the outside world so he can grow!

The lizard Harry has become our friend,

It makes us sad to see him soon depart.

But we will think of him until the end,

And keep that bookish lizard in our hearts.