Clear Thinking: Turning Ordinary Moments into Extraordinary Results (Hardcover)

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Few things will change your trajectory in life or business as much as learning to think clearly. Yet few of us recognize opportunities to think in the first place.

You might believe you’re thinking clearly in the moments that matter most. But in all likelihood, when the pressure is on, you won’t be thinking at all. And your subsequent actions will inevitably move you further from the results you ultimately seek—love, belonging, success, wealth, victory. According to Farnam Street founder Shane Parrish, we must get better at recognizing these opportunities for what they are, and deploying our cognitive ability in order to achieve the life we want.

Clear Thinking gives you the tools to recognize the moments that have the potential to transform your trajectory, and reshape how you navigate the critical space between stimulus and response. As Parrish shows, we may imagine we are the protagonists in the story of our lives. But the sad truth is, most of us run on autopilot. Our behavioral defaults, groomed by biology, evolution, and culture, are primed to run the show for us if we don’t intervene. At our worst, we react to events without reasoning, not even realizing that we’ve missed an opportunity to think at all. At our best, we recognize these moments for what they are, and apply the full capacity of our reasoning and rationality to them.

Through stories, mental models, and more, Parrish offers the missing link between behavioral science and real-life outcomes. The result is a must-have manual for optimizing decision-making, gaining competitive advantage, and living a more intentional life.

About the Author

Shane Parrish is an entrepreneur and wisdom seeker behind the popular website Farnam Street, where he focuses on turning timeless insights into action. His insights are used by Fortune 500 companies and sports teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL to drive better results. His work has appeared in nearly every major publication, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes. His weekly newsletter, Brain Food, has captivated the minds of over half a million subscribers worldwide. His podcast, The Knowledge Project, is one of the most popular in the world.

Praise For…

“Practical advice for thinking clearly”
Financial Times

“An indispensable guide to making smarter decisions each day.”
James Clear, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Atomic Habits

“Shane Parrish has a marvelous gift for asking the right questions to elicit how clear thinkers think. After mining the minds of an impressive array of decision makers, he’s now put it all together in Clear Thinking, giving us a powerful framework of concepts and tools. Incisive. Practical. Full of vivid examples, and enormously fun to read.”
—Jim Collins, bestselling author of Good to Great
“This book is a valuable antidote to stupidity, and a game-changer for anyone seeking to succeed.”
Morgan Housel, bestselling author of The Psychology of Money
“Shane Parrish, the brilliant thinker who created Farnam Street and the podcast The Knowledge Project, has distilled the wisdom he’s gathered over the years into a must-read book full of fascinating stories and insights. Clear Thinking gives you the practical tools you need to counteract the forces that can lead you down the wrong path.”
Bethany McLean, bestselling coauthor of The Smartest Guys in the Room
“An actionable guide to using your mind more effectively, and a lucid manual for overcoming cognitive biases and making better decisions.”
Adam Grant, New York Times bestselling author of Think Again and Hidden Potential, and host of the TED podcast Re:Thinking
“If you want results—good ones—that you can achieve confidently again and again, read this book. Shane Parrish demystifies the process of thinking clearly so you can create better odds in your personal and professional life.”
Annie Duke, bestselling author of Quit
“Shane Parrish is someone I have been reading for many, many years. This book is his masterwork, the culmination of all his research, interviewing, and experiences that everyone will benefit from.”
Ryan Holiday, bestselling author of Discipline Is Destiny

Clear Thinking distills decades of best practices into practical tools. From identifying the opportunity in ordinary moments to learning what gets in our way to having the courage to take action, Shane shines a light on what each of us can do to have better outcomes and more impact. Clear Thinking is a must read in an increasingly cluttered world.”
Kat Cole, President and COO of Athletic Greens

“The world of sports is filled with nuance and complexity, and operating with sound thinking is paramount to making important decisions that impact not just individuals but entire franchises. Shane’s expert guidance in Clear Thinking is already proving to be a go-to resource for how I approach decision-making as a professional basketball executive.”
Landry Fields, General Manager, Atlanta Hawks

"My favorite part of the book was the section on habits, rules, and safeguards on page 101. A principle that Shane and I discussed in January changed my life and was expounded on in the book."
Brent Beshore, CEO of Permanent Equity

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