Who saw Beauty cry, and failed to hold her left hand?: Meditations for women (Paperback)

Who saw Beauty cry, and failed to hold her left hand?: Meditations for women By Dianne Cikusa Cover Image
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In this book of original insights and reflections for women, inner wisdom, enlightenment and empowerment are the gifts we are prompted to discover as we each move along our worldly 'life path'. On that path we may find both mystery and silence as well as wild rides and dangerous games, since life itself is filled with uncertainty. Whether life presents us with experiences of deprivation and hardship - or those of a profound and energetic joy - we can continue to approach the world around us with curiosity and openness, recognising in addition the distinct and irreplaceable presence that we represent as female individuals.

Our balance and peace are redeemed by a liquid beauty that we can find within, given that the empathy of others or an external support is not always present or immediate. Even if we seemingly 'lose' parts of ourselves, they are never entirely forgotten. Sometimes we are less able to bring cohesion back into a state of chaos, or perhaps the complexities of the world around us have temporarily marred our personal vision, demeaned our focus, or dampened our bravery. All of this is transient; the spiritual nature remains untouched and will stay internally accessible to us. Our resilience and self-awareness are further enriched by continuous and exquisite effort.

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ISBN: 9780648492344
ISBN-10: 0648492346
Publisher: Mignon Press
Publication Date: March 17th, 2020
Pages: 206
Language: English