The Little Tree of Wisdom: 365 Insights (Paperback)

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The Little Tree of Wisdom: 365 insights explores the notion of inner wisdom and draws out the human relationship with our soul, illuminating the connection between life, death and consciousness. Through these daily insights, the author touches lightly upon these domains, leaving behind for the reader a loose yet intricate path of inner knowledge.

Though each spiritual voyage is unique, the same road is essentially walked by all. Transcending the human condition is preceded by introspection and observation, as well as the willingness to make a constant and gradual contribution towards self-knowledge. The answers are intrinsic and the truth is often subtle, yet both are always in reach. Revelations will discover their certain and timely resonance inside every human being, precisely and without exception.

Some book quotes below, from The Little Tree of Wisdom by Dianne Cikusa:
  • 'How many times have you walked to Heaven up the wrong stairs?'
  • 'Beauty is having a leg; Joy is having a life.'
  • 'Dreams -- open up the sky of consciousness.'
  • 'Death allows you this day -- don't beat down the door.'

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ISBN: 9780648492375
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Publisher: Mignon Press
Publication Date: October 1st, 2020
Pages: 384
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