She Yelled. I Screamed...She Pulled my Hair!: an unfairy tale (Hardcover)

She Yelled. I Screamed...She Pulled my Hair!: an unfairy tale By Tracy Leshay, Tracy Leshay (Photographer) Cover Image
By Tracy Leshay, Tracy Leshay (Photographer)
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This is author/photographer Tracy Leshay's debut book. As a rhyming fairy tale, it teaches that patience is needed when around those learning to share. In this humorous taking-turns-tale of woe, Phoebe is determined to get along with her little sister Audrey. She follows the advice of a helpful fairy, but it's a mean-hot summer, and temperatures and tempers are running high. Phoebe will need more than a day to make her sister share; tme will pass and seasons will change. Eventually, Phoebe and Audrey do magically share, but until then, SHE YELLED. I SCREAMED...SHE PULLED MY HAIR This universal story gets to the heart of how one learns to share. If you want a turn playing with the toy teapot, car, or bike, persistence, politeness, and patience will be needed. A photographic series of Tracy Leshay's daughter's hair inspired this modern-day fairy tale. Leshay's words provide a learning-to-share tool, but her 35mm pictures create a unique art-book experience. Phoebe and Audrey seem real with real issues - ones that every child experiences. The visuals make the story enjoyable to eyes of all ages, while the topic and the telling make it just perfect for those ages 3-8.

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ISBN: 9780989998833
ISBN-10: 0989998835
Publisher: Again Again Books
Publication Date: February 10th, 2015
Pages: 48
Language: English