The Jigsaw of Eight Thousand Pieces: Soul reflections (Paperback)

The Jigsaw of Eight Thousand Pieces: Soul reflections By Dianne Cikusa Cover Image
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The search for 'consciousness' is the search for a different kind of stimulus. It is one that dualistically nourishes the spirit mind through observation and imagination. We are a visiting party to our Higher Self until the spiritual connection becomes itself the most conscious and influential part of our human identity - until all of our decisive moments are at once inspired and intuitively guided by our wise and simple self. Our Higher Mind is activated through an integration of both logic and a looser arrangement of our perceptions, thoughts and feelings.

'Totality' is not marked by a sense of exaltation or satisfaction. It is more an acceptance of death and the ongoing presence of uncertainty, as well as an amalgamation of human pain and loss. Totality is found within eternal change, resting lightly between precision and speculation. There is no separation between what we are 'seeking' and what we already are. Though the search may be elaborate, the result is simple. Our spirit views this quest with detached eyes; it is only the ego-mind which places labels on the process and the end product. The search effectively consists of our human persona looking to locate all its 'pieces' in order to make sense of the whole. It fuels the inspiration to find meaning. Life as an unfolding process provides nothing other than the momentum for this journey and evolution.

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Publication Date: June 2nd, 2020
Pages: 200
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