The Feathered Bone (MP3 CD)

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In a distracted moment, Amanda lost sight of young Sarah...and her entire world came crashing down.

Going to New Orleans for a fifth grade field trip seemed like a bad idea to start with, but when Amanda lost sight of Sarah, her daughter's best friend, the bad idea became a complete nightmare. Unable to cope with the guilt of being the last one to see Sarah, Amanda's daughter commits suicide. Then, unable to deal with a wife stuck in a state of grief, Amanda's husband abandons her for a younger woman. By year's end, she's lost everything dear to her.

And then, after six years without a single lead, the lost Sarah is miraculously found. The horrors she endured leave a difficult road to healing. But small signs, such as a sparrow that consistently appears at her window, kept Sarah's faith intact. She's determined that Amanda will take this new journey with a place where they can both find hope and purpose again.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781501299667
ISBN-10: 1501299662
Publisher: Thomas Nelson on Brilliance Audio
Publication Date: December 1st, 2015
Language: English