Hey Ladies, Stop Apologizing: The Workbook: 2017-2018 Edition (Paperback)

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Are you living up to your full potential? This updated 2017-2018 edition of the popular companion workbook to Hey Ladies, Stop Apologizing ... and Other Career Mistakes Women Make isn't just a workbook or journal -- it's a call to action This workbook will help you tackle perfectionism, smash your obsession with being "nice," snap out of procrastination, speak up with authority, strengthen your confidence, sell yourself and slay your fears. Success will not tap you on the shoulder It's all about the hustle.


Introduction. How to Use this Book.

1. Vision.

2. Barriers. 2.1. Time Scheduling. 2.2. Procrastination. 2.3. Fear. 2.4. Confidence. 2.5. Mindset.

3. Going All In. 3.1. Change Your Mindset. 3.2. Change Your Work Habits.

4. Communication Toolkit.

5. Self-Promotion.

6. Career Strategies.

7. Inspiration.

An All In Farewell. Acknowledgements. About the Author. Additional Resources: Books I Love. References. Templates.

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ISBN: 9781772440638
ISBN-10: 1772440639
Publisher: Rock's Mills Press
Publication Date: April 21st, 2017
Pages: 304
Language: English