Hood Wellness: Tales of Communal Care from People Who Drowned on Dry Land (Paperback)

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What does self-care look like when struggling to make ends meet, living with a disability, or navigating intersectional marginalization? How can you prioritize well-being while divesting from systems built to destroy you? The answer: Hood Wellness, a groundbreaking exploration that challenges the oppressive systems deeply rooted in health and wellness industries in the United States.

In a world where self-care is critical to survival, Gordon offers a revolutionary perspective that celebrates individuals' unique privileges, challenges, and desires. By defying the norms of multi-billion-dollar industries, Hood Wellness illuminates the possibilities that emerge when we prioritize well-being while divesting from harmful structures.

Hood Wellness is also a deep exploration of people forced to overcome harrowing circumstances with little more than communal support and the will to get well.

From terminal illness and police violence to embracing gender identity in a society that's attacking trans and queer rights, each story is a reflection of America's extreme political, racial, and gender climates. Gordon challenges everything we think we know about wellness by calling out the wellness industry's inability to include those outside the margins of white, heteronormative identities. She lays plain that self-care as we know it is mostly just surface-level "cute," and communal care is the call-to-action that America needs.

Drawing on elements of memoir, self-help, humor, critical race theory, and devastatingly honest storytelling, Gordon guides readers on a transformative journey toward a new paradigm of wellness.

Hood Wellness gets real about questions like:

What does sex look like for a 40-year-old baddie with dentures?

How can someone pursue adventure and self-care if they only have six months to live?

What happened to the young woman who filmed a Minnesota police officer killing Philando Castile, and what does self and communal care look like for her today?

How does the wellness industry plan on reconciling its perpetuation of fatphobia, racism, and ableism?

This compelling book serves as a beacon, empowering individuals to cultivate resilience and self-love in today's world. As Gordon shares her personal odyssey, she intertwines the stories of others, revealing her profound discoveries, triumphs, and passions related to self-care.

Hood Wellness introduces readers to an inclusive and accessible self-care primer and an approach to well-being that holds the potential to bring about profound change in their lives.

About the Author

Tamela Julia Gordon (she/her) is a freelance writer, editor, discerning book critic, and passionate communal care advocate. After several years of relying on online fundraisers for medical and housing needs, Tamela relocated from New York to Miami, where she eventually turned her "cozy" Little Havana apartment into a makeshift retreat, fundraising to cover expenses for guests to stay and explore self-care, healing, and joy. Through her writing, she strives to uplift and empower others, foster a sense of belonging, and nurture personal growth. 


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ISBN: 9781955905343
ISBN-10: 1955905347
Publisher: Row House Publishing
Publication Date: April 16th, 2024
Pages: 320
Language: English