In Memoriam

A haunting, virtuosic debut novel about two young men who fall in love during World War I.

It’s 1914, and World War I is ceaselessly churning through thousands of young men on both sides of the fight. The violence of the front feels far away to Henry Gaunt, Sidney Ellwood and the rest of their classmates, safely ensconced in their idyllic boarding school in the English countryside. News of the heroic deaths of their friends only makes the war more exciting.

The Girls We Sent Away

A charged novel set against the forgotten Baby Scoop Era of the 1960s following one southern girl and her fight against a system that’s determined to take her child away from her

North Carolina, 1960s. Lorraine has it all—the boyfriend, the good grades, the white picket fence, the ambition to become the first woman astronaut. But when she—the darling girl-next-door—becomes pregnant, she learns that love is conditional and ambition has its limits.


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