Woe: A Housecat's Story of Despair: (A Graphic Novel)

WOE! SCREAM! MEOW! ...PURR? Join the hilarious and of course dramatic world of Linney the House Cat, as her webcomic antics are gathered into graphic novel for the very first time! This collection is perfect for cat lovers and Linney fans alike.

What if our cats could talk? Would they ask endless questions about why we haven't given them wet food...again? Would they scream greetings at the first sign of life before the sun even rises? Linney certainly will.

If Love Book 1&2

 If We Ever Meet Again (If Love #1)

One year is all it takes for strangers to become lovers...

Nineteen-year-old Farrah Lin is going to fall in love for the first time during her year abroad in Shanghai. She's sure of it.

The only problem? Her would-be leading man is her new friend's boyfriend.

There's nothing worse than being in love with someone you can't have...or at least, she thinks it's love.

A Novel Love Story

"A Novel Love Story" is finally out! She says the characters are charming, the plot is poignant, and Poston's skill in weaving a magical happenstance into a real-world love story is, as always, masterful. She can't wait to share this gem with our Romance Book Club!



Bear by Julia Philips Signed!

They were sisters and they would last past the end of time.

Sam and Elena dream of another life. On the island off the coast of Washington where they were born and raised, they and their mother struggle to survive. Sam works on the ferry that delivers wealthy mainlanders to their vacation homes while Elena bartends at the local golf club, but even together they can't earn enough to get by, stirring their frustration about the limits that shape their existence.


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