The Little Liar Signed!

Beloved bestselling author Mitch Albom returns with a powerful novel that moves from a small village in Greece during the Holocaust, to America, where the intertwined lives of three survivors are forever changed by the perils of deception and the grace of redemption.

Day Signed!

As the world changes around them, a family weathers the storms of growing up, growing older, falling in and out of love, losing the things that are most precious—and learning to go on—from the Pulitzer Prize–winning author of The Hours.

The Edge

The 6:20 Man is back, dropped by his handlers into a small coastal town in Maine to solve the murder of a CIA agent who knew America’s dirtiest secrets—can Travis Devine uncover the truth before his time runs out?

A Very Inconvenient Scandal

The Nest meets Succession in the latest novel from one of America’s most acclaimed storytellers. This page-turning family drama explores the emotional consequences of loyalty, deception, and jealousy. Shocked by her recently widowed father’s behavior and wary of his new wife, a woman is forced to confront her complex feelings toward him, as she tries to determine who is out to take control of their family estate and harm their legacy.


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