Out of Office

A steamy and emotional Black romance about a successful workaholic heroine who takes a much-needed two-week vacation while in Panama for work, only to find herself falling for the hero who acts as her professional driver to make ends meet while he runs his late parents' modest hostel, and questioning what happiness really means to her. All work and no play makes a girl in need of a vacation...and a summer fling.

Torn Asunder

In Barbara Ross’ award-winning series featuring sleuth Julia Snowden and her family’s coastal Maine clambake business, Morrow Island is a perfect spot for a wedding—and a Snowden Family Clambake.  Julia Snowden is busy organizing both—until a mysterious wedding crasher drops dead amid the festivities . . .

The Flower Sisters

Drawing on the little-known true story of one tragic night at an Ozarks dance hall in the author’s Missouri hometown, this beautifully written, endearingly nostalgic novel picks up 50 years later for a folksy, character-driven portrayal of small-town life, split second decisions, and the ways family secrets reverberate through generations.


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