Redouté's Fabulous Flowers Journal

One can truly appreciate Pierre-Joseph Redouté's artistry in this exquisite journal that blends beauty and functionality.

Often referred to as the "Raphael of Flowers," Redouté was a Belgian painter and botanist renowned for his watercolors of roses, lilies, and other flowers during the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

The stunning reproduction of the celebrated artist's work graces the cover of a hardcover journal and provides 160 lined pages for your thoughts, ideas, and sketches.

Healing Plants Notecards

A boxed notecard set featuring beautiful prints of medicinal plants

Healing Plants features sixteen hand-colored plates from Elizabeth Blackwell’s A Curious Herbal (1737–39). Blackwell, a talented artist with a passion for the natural world, published her herbal as a means of financial support after her husband landed in debtor’s prison, and it quickly became a valuable reference for doctors and apothecaries.

Easy-To-Carve Wax Animals

Carve and create adorable animal figurines using a variety of colorful wax.

Choose from eight cute animal figurines to carve yourself a bear, cat, bunny, fox, frog, mouse, owl, or penguin. Start by choosing your base color from three easy-to-carve wax blocks specially designed for first-time sculptors. Use the custom designed tool and instruction to carve your basic animal shape. Add details and personality with five colors of super-soft wax, plus brads for eyes and noses.

Giant Toddler Workbook

This comprehensive, full-color workbook from Scholastic Early Learners provides all the practice your toddler needs for early school success! Includes stickers and a completion certificate!

A strong educational foundation helps ensure a child is able to benefit from the learning opportunities available in today's preschool classroom. Help your child prepare for preschool with this all-inclusive workbook filled with activities and stickers!


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