Kids Nonfiction

Can I Borrow Your Notes?

For every middle school kid who has ever whispered, “Hey—can I borrow your notes?” there is the Big Fat Notebook series, a fantastic study guide series created by the editors of the Brain Quest series of workbooks and flash cards. Each study guide is like getting to borrow the notebook of the best student in class, with highlighted key concepts, doodles that illuminate tricky ideas, mnemonics, and more. These books are just as fun as they are informative!

Awesome Kids Nonfiction!

One of my favorite things to do in the kids section is to make displays that I would have flipped over as a kid. I loved sciency stuff, referency stuff and stuff that you could put your hands on and occupy your mind for hours at a time. I put a lot of my new favorite kids science, math and reference stuff on display today in the kids section. Check out some of the titles on display below!

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