Local Interest

The Deepest South of All: True Stories from Natchez, Mississippi

Bestselling travel writer Richard Grant “sensitively probes the complex and troubled history of the oldest city on the Mississippi River through the eyes of a cast of eccentric and unexpected characters” (Newsweek).

Dark and Shallow Lies

La Cachette, Louisiana, is the worst place to be if you have something to hide. A teen girl disappears from this small town deep in the bayou, where magic festers beneath the surface of the swamp like water rot.

This tiny town, where seventeen-year-old Grey spends her summers, is the self-proclaimed Psychic Capital of the World--and the place where Elora Pellerin, Grey's best friend, disappeared six months earlier.

Life is What You Bake It

Baton Rouge native and winner of The Great American Baking Show, Vallery Lomas, shares her story of personal growth and more than 100 delicious recipes.

"As much about a collection of recipes that makes your mouth water and tugs at your heart with food memories as it is about the chronicles and life lessons of a true comeback kid."--Carla Hall

People Coexisting with Floods

In pursuit of economic growth, the United States and other developed countries are testing the tolerance of the natural world. The results include the loss of valuable ecosystems, global climate change, and the degradation of the planet's ability to support life. Journalist William Becker argues that our mission in the 21st century should be to fix what we have broken in the natural world and to enlist healthy ecosystems in our pursuit of economic and physical security.


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