Find Your Calm

Find Your Calm is a stylish fill-in journal that helps kids to keep track of their daily life and their dreams for the future, as well as providing advice to increase their sense of calm. 

Featuring inspirational quotes and fun activities, as well as tips and tricks for staying calm under pressure, this journal is a great way to understand stress triggers and anxiety. Exploring topics of mental health, this book has a strong focus on mindfulness, creating healthy habits and self-expression.

Leeva at Last Signed!

Award-winning, bestselling author Sara Pennypacker is back with a hilarious absurdist tale about a precocious girl who transforms her community in surprising ways.

What are people for?

That’s the burning question on the mind of Leeva Spayce Thornblossom.

Fame! says Leeva’s mom, the mayor of Nutsmore. Money! says her dad, the town treasurer.

The Moth Keeper

Being a Moth Keeper is a huge responsibility and a great honor, but what happens when the new Moth Keeper decides to take a break from the moon and see the sun for the first time? From the author of the beloved Tea Dragon Society comes a must-read for fans of the rich fantasies of Hayao Miyazaki and the magical adventures of Witch Hat Atelier.

Coach Hodges Bites Bug!

It's always a joy to chat with author Rebecca Petruck!  Her book, Boy Bites Bug, is a Louisiana Young Readers' Choice Award  Nominee this year and one of our Battle of the Books selection.  She spoke to us about researching her book, the practice of entomophagy (the practice of eating bugs), and even agot Coach Hodges to eat some bugs!


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