Banned Books: The World's Most Controversial Books, Past and Present

Immerse yourself in the stories behind the most shocking and infamous books ever published!

Censorship of one form or another has existed almost as long as the written word, while definitions of what is deemed "acceptable" in published works have shifted over the centuries, and from culture to culture.

The Witch's Book of Candle Magic: A Handbook of Candle Spells, Divination, Rituals, and Charms (Witchcraft for Beginners, Spell Book, New Age Mysticism)

A Candle Magic Book for Beginner and Professional Witches

Candles are an essential part of a witch's spiritual practice. Candle work is not only easy and accessible for witches across a variety of ages and levels of experience, but it's also one of the most powerful tools in the realm of magic.

The Crane Wife

Ten days after calling off her wedding, CJ Hauser went on an expedition to Texas to study the whooping crane. After a week wading through the gulf, she realized she'd almost signed up to live someone else's life.


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