How Trailblazing Women Harnessed the Power of Home and Changed the Way We Live

The surprising, often fiercely feminist, always fascinating, yet barely known, history of home economics.

The term “home economics” may conjure traumatic memories of lopsided hand-sewn pillows or sunken muffins. But common conception obscures the story of the revolutionary science of better living. The field exploded opportunities for women in the twentieth century by reducing domestic work and providing jobs as professors, engineers, chemists, and businesspeople. And it has something to teach us today.

Border Crossings

An illustrated travelogue that brilliantly captures artist, illustrator, and NOLA native Emma Fick's epic train journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway--from Beijing through Mongolia to Moscow--including more than 200 watercolor illustrations and handwritten text that includes cultural and historical information as well as invaluable travel tips.

In Scoring Position: 40 Years of a Baseball Love Affair

A love letter to the game of baseball from one of America's foremost scribes.

Bob Ryan has scored every baseball game he's attended, at every level, since the start of the 1977 season. It's a deeply personal tradition still going strong at more than 1,400 games and counting.

The tattered scorebooks he's filled are worn from age, travel, and countless summer days, but their grids and scrawled symbols tell the stories of milestones, rivalries, rare historic achievements, and more.


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