Celebrate National Poetry Month!

April is National Poetry Month!  Started in April of 1996 by the Academy of American Poets, National Poetry Month is a celebration of poets and poetry across the country.  In conjunction with National Poetry Month is Poem in Your Pocket Day, celebrated on April 21st.  The goal of Poem in Your Pocket Day is to encourage everyone to share their favorite poem with the people around them.  If you read us your favorite poem on Poem in Your Pocket Day, we'll even give you 20% off all regularly priced books and gift in the shop!  Stop by and check out our poetry section, including such popular poets as Shakespeare and Langson Hughes!  Happy National Poetry Month!

2015 SIBA Book Award Winners

The Southern Independent Bookseller's Alliance, or SIBA, choses six books each year from the best in southern literature. One title is chosen from each category: Children's, Young Adult, Cooking, Fiction, and Nonfiction. The titles are nominated by southern, independent booksellers (like me) and their customers (like you). While we are all reading globally, it is nice to have a regional minded award list compiled by the people who are at the forefront of localmindedness. I look forward to reading this year's SIBA award winners that I have not encountered yet.

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