Sally Green

Review: Half Wild by Sally Green

I stayed up all night reading Sally Green’s first novel, Half Bad,  and I’ve been dying to get my hands on the sequel, Half Wild, ever since. I was lucky enough to secure a digital arc of this, and I must say that the second book more than lives up to the premise and excitement of the first. Nathan’s continuing journey had me hooked from the start. I’ll go ahead and warn readers that spoilers for Half Bad follow, though I won’t spoil anything for Book 2.

Review: Half Bad by Sally Green

Sally Green's Half Bad is the kind of book you stay up all night to finish.  The book follows Nathan, the son of a White witch and the world's most powerful Black witch, in a world where only White witches are truly accepted.  Trapped and regulated by the council of White witches, Nathan is persecuted and mistreated in the name of White witch safety and well-being.  On every witch's seven
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