SIBA Holiday 2016

Atlas Obscura

Whether you are an actual traveler or one of the armchair variety, Atlas Obscura is a must read! Atlas Obscura is a compendium of over 700 of the most interesting and curious places around the globe. From the Questionable Medical Device Collection in St. Paul, MN to the Baby Jumping Festival in Spain – this book has everything you need to plan an epic (and epically weird) bucket list.

Leaving Orbit and Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures and Leaving Orbit are two new releases that will take you from the beginnings of the space race to the modern state of NASA and space flight. Hidden Figures follows the lives of four African American mathematicians who participated in many of NASA’s greatest successes from WWII to the Cold War. Leaving Orbit centers around the shuttle launches in 2011 that marked the end of the shuttle program; through those launches we get the story of space flight’s past and what can be expected of its future.

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