The Blues: The Authentic Narrative of My Music and Culture Signed!

An untold authentic counter-narrative blues history and the first written by an African American blues artist 

All prior histories on the blues have alleged it originated on plantations in the Mississippi Delta. Not true, says author Chris Thomas King. In The Blues, King present facts to disprove such myths.  

This book is the first to argue the blues began as a cosmopolitan art form, not a rural one.  

Guns & Smoke Signed!

In a world where safety is a luxury and honor is found only among outlaws, two people attempt to outrun dangers lurking around each corner and the tragedies that define them.

Bonnie is an outlaw on the run. Beautiful but dangerous; her dark past stalks her like the crater beasts that roam the desert. As the notoriously cruel outlaw Jones sends his henchmen to track her down and retrieve the gun she stole from him, Bonnie hopes she can stay one step ahead. Because if he catches her, a fate worse than death awaits.

Bordello on the Bayou Signed!

Sharon Black was a beautful legislative aide, working in Louisiana's twent-four-story State Capitol buil by the the late Hury Long. It was there that she learned of the lascivious desires of state lawmaker and lobbyists and parlayed her business acumen into thriving prostitution ring. But as she was attracting generous fees, she was also accumulating incriminating information as a hedge against any future legal problrms she might encouter.

River of the Gods

For millennia the location of the Nile River's headwaters was shrouded in mystery. In the 19th century.

 European powers sent off waves of explorations intended to map the unknown corners of the globe-- and extend their colonial empires. Richard Burton and John Hanning Speke were sent by the Royal Geographical Society to claim the prize for England. Burton spoke twenty-nine languages, and was a decorated soldier,

Speke was a young aristocrat and Army officer determined to make his mark.


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