Haru: Spring

Haru, a small bird who dreams of flying, and their best friend Yama, a talkative boar, are used to being in the shadows. But when Yama finds a strange artifact that causes sinister effects, the two are swept into an epic journey to destroy the artifact and save the world.

Awesome Riddles for Kids

Kids can give their mental muscles a real workout with this collection of over 750 clever, funny, and tricky riddles to solve, accompanied by playful full-color illustrations.

Packed with pun-tastic jokes, tough-tangling twisters, and wacky wordplay, this outrageous book will have readers in stitches. Some of the riddles and jokes use cultural references and general knowledge, meaning children can absorb new information as they learn and share these brain teasers, silly puns, and trick questions!

Evil Spy School the Graphic Novel

The bestselling Spy School series continues in graphic novel form with the third book as Ben gets kicked out of the CIA’s spy school and enrolls with the enemy.

During a spy school game of Capture the Flag, twelve-year-old Ben Ripley accidentally shoots a live mortar into the principal’s office—and immediately gets himself expelled. Not long after going back to the boring real world, Ben gets an offer to join evil crime organization SPYDER. And he accepts.


A riveting graphic novel adaptation of the award-winning nonfiction book Bomb—the fascinating and frightening true story of the creation of the destructive force that birthed the arms race and the Cold War.


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