CHB Staff

About John: John is co-owner of Cavalier House Books with his wife Michelle. He handles book fairs and the business side of things, and he has a hand in just about everything that goes on at the store. John is a fan of George Orwell and Ray Kurzweil. He’d rather read a book about the science of sound than a New York Times bestselling novel and he generally prefers his books steeped in fact and very dry. He starts way more books than he finishes but tends to overly enjoy every book he reads.


About Michelle: Michelle is co-owner of Cavalier House Books with her husband, John. She is also the buyer and chief curator for the shop. Michelle is a broad reader who generally prefers a book in which bad things happen. Except when it comes to kidlit and romance, then it is happily everyone after!

About Matthieu: Matthieu has been a bookseller at Cavalier House since October 2016 and is generally reading a mix of classics, poetry, and nonfiction about the former two. Please never ask him about literary history from 1900-1939 as you will surely get three earfuls too many about the landscape of Modernism. This isn't to say he's all studious all the time! He also has a penchant for good ol' fashioned westerns, a deadly love of detective fiction, and a high-flying affinity for superheroes.


About Sophie: Sophie has been with Cavalier House Books since 2016. She's a fan of all things science fiction, fantasy, and mythology. Her favorite authors include N.K. Jemisin, Madeline Miller, Margaret Atwood, and Douglas Adams. Sophie is also a writer of science fiction, hoping to some day be a published author.