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What to Do While You Count to 10 presents an effective system for managing strong emotions resulting in better communications, relationships, and assertiveness while decreasing tension, shame, guilt, and conflict. Thinking about anger in positive terms is alien to most people’s experiences. However, a healthy expression of emotions - anger included - is a component for building and maintaining successful relationships. This is instead of the past chaos and pain, guilt , and shame when trying to live in an unattainable perfect world based upon another’s definition. This book contains techniques necessary for letting go of codependency, disappointment, and confusion by using emotions in a healthy and constructive manner. This change allows love and respect to flourish by building relationships instead of destroying them. What to Do While You Count to 10 decreases a guilty conscience about how your anger hurts others and increases the necessary coping skills to change powerful and sometimes destructive emotions into a positive force for good.

Meet the Author: David W. Earle

David W. Earle has twenty-five years of executive management experience in the construction field. He now earns his living as a Business Coach, working with individuals and organizations to improve human relationship skills, communication abilities, and leadership principals. He assists clients in creating the changes they want to make in their businesses and in their personal lives. He earned a Master's of Science in Counseling from Texas A&M. He is a mental health counselor licensed by the State of Louisiana, actively practicing since 1992. His practice covers such issues as substance abuse, compulsive gambling, relationships, families, adolescence, anxiety, and depression.

You have a large capacity to love, yet often love is not working Growing up, the big people in your life unintentionally taught you some bad habits. They taught some wonderful ones too and you need not discard them but instead focus on what is interfering with your best expression of love. What is keeping you from the happy destination you deserve?

Communication is the key to any successful relationship, business, or venture. We live in a world of noise, people speaking demanding our attention but sadly, not many are listening.

Red Roses 'n Pinstripes combines seemingly disparate topics of romance, war, and death into a unique self-help format where love becomes the common denominator. Like a good war movie, this book covers the hot topic of romance and its devastating companion: lost love. It is torrid romance woven together with the ravages of War and its deadly companion, Death.

Iron Mask is a self-help book of pain, joy, learning, and the personal growth accompanied from triumph over adversity. The author provides insights into life's lessons and the serenity gained from painful experiences. The poetry carries this epic narrative and contributes to a happier and more successful life. If chaos and pain are your companions, where have you hidden your peace?