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"This book is based upon life experiences, through ups and downs of any and every situation, through every relationship, through all different life occasions and what they have to offer. Whether it be a holiday or just a normal average day or night. These times of experiences are very detailed and described through song and poetry as one in which I like to call and proclaim as soetry. 

Song and poetry are nearly the same thing. The only difference is adding music to the words of either to create a poetic song that tells us all a story of an event in life’s circumstances through what has taken place. Music, song, and poetry has always been part of my life and I believe has been passed down from generation to generation throughout my family unto myself for me to be able to create and present something as to the world today through the book that you’re reading. Everything that we go through and experience in life is meant to be. Some events are great, others not so much. We always learn life’s lessons through the failures that we come across. Although sometimes not so pleasant, we all must experience these not-so-pleasant events in life to learn from them to get to where we are, in what I like to call the Growing and Going Process, into the direction of learning from them." 

Meet the Author: Joshua R. Gautreau

Joshua R. Gautreau is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but relocated to Denham Springs, Louisiana, when he was a teenager. He has been through many ups and downs throughout his life as we all do, coming from a poor family and having to battle his way to the top with putting God first to be successful in everything he does. Today, he is a licensed and national certified massage therapist. He is also a member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). His studies include the following modalities of massage: Swedish, relaxation, neuromuscular therapy, deep tissue, hot stone massage, and he has attained the first degree in Reiki method of natural healing to practice energy work. Joshua has experience working with many physical therapists from in state, out of state, and even out of the country and has obtained a highest honors diploma as both a physical therapy aide and relaxation therapist, which includes certified studies in yoga, aromatherapy, and meditations. Joshua’s message through this book is to the world in letting them know not only the story of his experiences through these poetic songs of truth but that we all go through the same situations in different parts of our lives, and we are all the same, and he can most certainly relate to anyone who feels like there is no one else out there who doesn’t understand yet. He wants all of them people to know that he does.