Free Audiobooks for Independent Bookstore Day!

Last year, CHB partnered with to bring you all of your favorite reads as audiobooks. We are all loving and hope that you will too! The app is easy to use, there are over 90,000 titles to choose from, if you chose the monthly membership option your credits never expire, ensures a fair price is paid to publishers and authors for their work, and with every purchase you are supporting Cavalier House Books!

If you’re familiar with audiobooks, you know just how much fun it can be to hear your favorite stories or discover new stories to listen to. If you’ve never had the pleasure of listening to an audiobook, you’re in for a real treat!

I only really started listening to audiobooks in the past year or so. I never thought they were for me because I love holding my books and seeing them sit prettily on my shelf. But, once I realized I could listen to my book and clean or cook at the same time, it was a game changer. Audiobooks are also great for long commutes; even my kids love hearing stories via audiobook.  

On Independent Bookstore Day (April 28th!) users will be able to download FIVE free audiobooks and TWO story samplers! It's a great, risk-free way to try out audiobooks and see if they are right for you. Click here to check out the books we will be giving away for Bookstore Day! I know I'm excited to listen to Strange the Dreamer and can't wait to download it!

By signing up with today, you’ll receive a reminder email for Independent Bookstore Day (we know you will be too busy planning your trip to the bookstore to possibly remember!). What are you waiting for!?! We are talking about free audiobooks! Sign up here: and thank you for your continued support of Independent Bookstores!

Want to try an audiobook before April 28th? Here's what we are loving right now:

Michelle is obsessed with the Outlander series narrated by Davina Porter. Read it or listen to Davina read it and then come talk to Michelle about how much Jamie and Claire love each other!

Matthieu is currently pairing his read through Ulysses with the audio version. Bless him.

Sophie is making her way through Children of Blood and Bone. So epic! Michelle loved this one too!

John is listening to Move Fast and Break Things. This one won a ton of business awards when it was released last year!

As for me, my favorite audiobook is Jenny Han's To All the Boys I've Loved Before! Laura Knight Keating's narration is perfect and she turned this book into my favorite contemporary YA read!