Juju the Good Voodoo

New Juju the Good Voodoo book!

Juju wants to teach you numbers: learn them in a fun way with a cajun twist to a classic nursery rhyme we all know! It's a fun, gumbo-cooking counting adventure with Juju the Good Voodoo!

Meet the Author: Michelle Hirstius

Michelle Hirstius was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She started drawing in high school and recently discovered her talent for writing. Michelle lives on the Northshore of New Orleans with Sassy, her cairn terrier.

Find Michelle online: michellehirstius.com   facebook.com/jujuthegood

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Down in "da bayou" of Louisiana, we find a voodoo doll named Juju. Juju is no ordinary voodoo doll, she happens to be the one Marie has been looking for. This very special doll comes alive with an enchanting "good deeds" spell in the pages of this delightful fable where we find just the beginning of many adventures.

From New Orleans author and illustrator Michelle Hirstius, comes yet another Juju the GOOD voodoo adventure An ordinary day for Juju turns into a daring rescue Hmmmmmmm... did Juju find a new friend? Maybe... A must read for the whole family. Learn how you can help your local animal shelter and care for your pet.

Juju the GOOD voodoo wants everyone to learn their ABCs and she does helps you the only way she knows how.... the NOLA way Plus, learn some fun facts but New Orleans and Louisiana culture and flavor.

Take Juju home with you so you both can spread good deeds and smiles together!