Learning Wrap-Ups

From time to time we receive requests to carry certain products in the shop. Learning Wrap-Ups is one such line that came recommended to us by one of our library customers during a book fair and these educational toys have quickly become one of our most interesting and demonstrated toys! The first time I actually tried one of the Wrap-Up keys I have to admit I was a bit confused. As I ripped through a set of the Keys I honestly didn't see the appeal. It wasn't until I had the benefit of seeing kids in action with them that I fully understood their value as they reminded me of the wonder of learning something new. Learning Wrap-Ups are a genuine, self correcting aid for kids to practice and study. The first time I saw a boy work through the multiplication key, correcting his own errors, it dawned on me just how unique Learning Wrap-ups are. I could see all of the gears in the boy's head turning as he wound the string around the key. He was learning multiplication but more importantly he was genuinely puzzled and fascinated to learn. Wrap-Ups are certainly a way more engaging way to learn than writing out the multiplication tables that I remember from school and they add a kinetic element to one up old fashioned flash cards. We are currently stocking the Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions and State Capital Keys as well as companion workbooks. Stop by anytime to try out one of our demos!