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Louisiana’s Premier Academic Publisher

"Founded in 1935, LSU Press quickly established itself as one of the nation’s outstanding scholarly presses and continues to garner national and international accolades, including four Pulitzer Prizes. For 75 years, LSU Press has published significant works of scholarship and preserved Louisiana's history and culture. Over half of the books we have published remain in print around the world. LSU Press is a nonprofit book publisher dedicated to the publication of scholarly, general interest, and regional books. An integral part of LSU, the Press shares the university’s goal of the dissemination of knowledge and culture. LSU Press is one of the oldest and largest university presses in the South and among the outstanding publishers of scholarly books in the country. It holds membership in the Association of American University Presses, the largest organization of scholarly publishers in the world.

LSU Press performs a service of inestimable value to the scholarly community as well as to the broader world of our state and even to society itself. Unlike a commercial publisher—which focuses on making money by publishing for popular audiences, LSU Press publishes works of scholarly, intellectual, or creative merit. The Press exists to disseminate knowledge, and as a nonprofit institution it is mission-driven, not profit- driven. Publications must undergo rigorous assessment by outside scholars and receive the favorable recommendation of the University Press Committee, a group of distinguished faculty.

By attracting outstanding authors and publishing outstanding books, we contribute to LSU’s academic prominence through scholarly inquiry and ensure LSU’s significant contribution to the world of scholarly endeavor. Additionally, as the only regularly publishing university press in Louisiana, we take seriously our mission to promote the achievements of our state and region and educate readers about its history.

But the Press must remain economically viable as well as intellectually vital. Maintaining its high standards means that the significant cost of producing its books can only be met with the generous contribution and support of individuals, foundations, and organizations." -LSU Press Website

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