Neal Bertrand and Cypress Cove Publishing

Introduce your children to the friendly world of south Louisiana's Cajun Country!

Filled with lively, easy-to-color cartoon characters and scenes from South Louisiana’s Cajun Country, this coloring and activity book will provide hours of fun and entertainment for your family. Captions and page numbers are in English and French.

  • Activities include: 
  • Color-by-number 
  • Word search
  • A maze 
  • Connect the dots 
  • And many more fun pages!

Meet the Author: Neal Bertrand

Neal Bertrand is the president of Cypress Cove Publishing, and he has a long history of selling information through mail order ads and in regional stores. He learned to run a printing press while working for the City of Lafayette and subsequently had his own printing company and printed postcards and flyers. He was officially mentored into the traditional publishing world in 1994 when he landed a job with a local publishing company, Acadian House Publishing. When an unsolicited 40-page manuscript landed on his desk, Neal decided, with permission, to publish it himself. Cajun Country Fun Coloring & Activity Book became Cypress Cove Publishing’s first project. To date it has sold over ten thousand copies.

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