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Solve the mystery of Jack the Ripper!

On August 31, 1888, a prostitute is murdered in Whitechapel, London, England. When a member of a proper gentleman's club, Thayer Wickliff, hears local gossip, he begins reading the grisly details in the paper. Thayer discusses the murder with his peers, and soon, a debate on the reason a man would kill in such a gruesome fashion follows. When a second, more horrific murder occurs the following weekend, the newspapers sensationalize. The City of London now believes that a frenzied lunatic is stalking the streets. Speculation arises that the murderer may not be mad-quite possibly, he was a solid, normally law abiding citizen walking among them, unnoticed. At the end of the killing spree in November 1888, five prostitutes had been killed and mutilated. During this time, four members of the club had uncovered the identity of "Jack the Ripper" and knew why the murders were committed. Bound by a gentleman's code of silence, they allow history to be left with unresolved mysteries. Find out how a twisted series of events unfold in this unexpected and brilliant solution to an old, unsolved mystery!

When Archer and Ione are invited to take part in the newest venture by an industrial tycoon at his summer home on Mantioch Island, they are ready for the challenge. Once arriving, an investment presentation is hosted by a man named Dr. Chapman. During this time, Archer and Ione meet an odd assortment of investors. The only investor their host seems to know personally is Ernst Meier, who is formally introduced. A few hours after the presentation, Dr. Chapman is found poisoned with strychnine. Questioning by the police reveals that once the meeting ended, people came and went at will; therefore, no one can confirm the whereabouts of the others, and everyone becomes a suspect. In a bizarre turn of events, their host is found bludgeoned with a heavy vase. A hastily convened inquest reveals nothing except that the men were killed by person or persons unknown. Ione and Archer soon discover that the island has an international secret. More murders follow, and Archer and Ione find themselves racing against the clock to trap this cunning killer before he strikes again. Join amateur sleuths Archer Reed, Ione Wallace, and Tango the Greyhound in their first murder mystery.

Meet the Author: N.S. Patrick

Mr. Patrick is a native of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and therefore, a true Yooper. He attended Albion College and obtained a BA in Business Administration. He served as an officer in the U. S. Navy from 1962 to 1969. Presently, he lives in Kenner, Louisiana.