Out of Office

A steamy and emotional Black romance about a successful workaholic heroine who takes a much-needed two-week vacation while in Panama for work, only to find herself falling for the hero who acts as her professional driver to make ends meet while he runs his late parents' modest hostel, and questioning what happiness really means to her. All work and no play makes a girl in need of a vacation...and a summer fling.

Genevieve Raymond has worked her ass off to be successful in the hospitalty industry. Now that she's finally got her dream role in sight and because she's still in Panama from her last work trip, it's the perfect time to have a hot girl summer and finally, finally take a vacation from her demanding job and her equally demanding mother. She tells her driver, a man who's way too sexy to be behind the wheel full-time, and he offers her the chance of a lifetime: a quaint stay at his small family-owned hostel.

Driver Adrián Nicolas has been through burnout and back again. After years of punishing work as an architect, he's enjoying a modest life running his family's hostel and a small transportation company with his best friend. When Genevieve mentions her much-needed escape, he naturally offers his place as an option. He recognizes the feeling of being eaten alive by work all too well. And he'd be lying if he didn't acknolwedge just how fine of a woman she was - or how much she set him on fire.

Under the steamy Panama sun, surrounded by paradise, Genevieve and Adrián fall into an affair that could make a wife of even the baddest summer hottie. At first a temporary connection seems like enough, until they realize just how special their connection is. As the end of her vacation draws near and work comes calling, Genevieve discovers that her heart's desire is no longer rooted in corporate drudgery...but sacrificing decades of work for a new life would be letting down her mom and her old dreams. When Adrián presents an opportunity for Genevieve to follow her heart, can she take the risk, or will it burn up in the lingering haze of paradise?


Out of Office By A. H. Cunningham Cover Image
ISBN: 9781335041623
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Published: Afterglow Books by Harlequin - April 23rd, 2024

A.H. Cunningham dazzles in this sensual vacation romance exploring what happens when you step out of the office, take a chance on yourself--and discover your deepest desires.