Pordlaw LaRue

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An estimated 2,300 Americans are reported missing each day. On July 6, 2001, one of them was Emily Bankston. It was supposed to be a quick ride to the park. Jared said they’d be back before Jennifer’s mother got home. He was wrong. More so than any of them could have imagined. Now he must find Emily to find forgiveness. Enlisting the help of others, Jared sets out to locate his friend’s sister. They were secretly known as SIBUN: Seven Investigators Bravely Undercover Network This is the story of their search for Emily Bankston.


Meet the Author: Pordlaw LaRue

The author dwells within the boot of the United States with his wife and their five children. He works in the information technology field and his local church, writing when he can. He is the author of the Land of Erde and Kristietiba (medieval fiction), and Playing Judas (devotional).

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