A Read & Review Club Review: Even When You Lie to Me by Jessica Alcott

The CHB Read & Review Club is for educators and students who enjoy reading and would like to share the joy of reading with others through reviewing and recommending books. As a bookshop, we often receive special review copies of books in advance of their release dates so that we can review them. However, since we can only read so many books and we value the thoughts and opinions of other readers, CHB is recruiting educators and students to read and review advance reader copies (or arcs) of books that we receive, and we'll post their reviews on the Cavalier House Books website via the Read & Review Club Blog!

Rebecca R. (15) is a Read & Review Club member, and she has written a review of Jessica Alcott's new book, Even When You Lie to Me! Check out what she has to say about the book:

"Even When You Lie to Me by Jessica Alcott, was a very interesting novel. It is about a girl named Charlie who is constantly outshined by her best friend, Lila. She spends the summer sitting in her room helping her dad out with his work, but when the school year starts, she meets a new teacher named Mr.Drummond. He is very young and mysterious, but he shows her undivided attention. This is what makes him stick out from the other teachers, because he encourages her to speak up and speak her mind. She later develops a crush on him and meets a couple of new friends due to the school newspaper. Their names are Asha and Dev, and they prove to be there for Charlie when Lila is not. Lila then tries to be a better friend throughout the novel because Asha is a threat to her. This novel is very relatable to teenagers that struggle with social anxiety and insecurities. This novel was very good, but it took me a while to get into. The character development was very good, and so was the plot development. This novel is aimed for teenagers because the content is very mature. I recommend it to high school students or that an adult should read it before their child to make sure it’s appropriate."

Thanks to Rebecca for her review!