A Read & Review Club Review: The Mad Apprentice by Django Wexler

The CHB Read & Review Club is for educators and students who enjoy reading and would like to share the joy of reading with others through reviewing and recommending books. As a bookshop, we often receive special review copies of books in advance of their release dates so that we can review them. However, since we can only read so many books and we value the thoughts and opinions of other readers, CHB is recruiting educators and students to read and review advance reader copies (or arcs) of books that we receive, and we'll post their reviews on the Cavalier House Books website via the Read & Review Club Blog!
Samantha B. (15) is a Read & Review Club member, and she has written a review of The Mad Apprentice, the second novel in Django Wexler's Forbidden Library series! 

Here's a little about the book from the publisher: "The dark and thrilling sequel to the book "Kirkus" called, "Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, and Inkheart all rolled into one" When Alice's mysterious Uncle Geryon sends her to help capture a rogue apprentice--a boy who has the same ability Alice has to Read himself "into" stories--she knows to expect a wild and unpredictable trip. But even though Alice has visited the magical realms inside libraries before, this adventure is far more dangerous. Because Torment, the magic creature holding "this" library together, has gone mad.  But he might also have information about Alice's missing father."

Check out what Samantha has to say about the book:

The Mad Apprentice by Django Wexler was phenomenal. I was really thrown into the book. I had never read the first book but I found it really easy to keep up with what was going on throughout the book. Django Wexler is an excellent young adult author. I would recommend reading this book to anyone. But definitely read the first book in The Forbidden Library series. The characters were well developed and the plot was fantastic. I absolutely could not put this book down. I absolutely loved it! I can’t wait to see if there is going to be a third book after this. Every young adult should definitely read this series it is absolutely amazing! After reading The Mad Apprentice I want to go out and buy the first book so I can finally read and reread it. I think anyone who gets this book will not be let down. It’s really interesting and keeps you on your toes. I think even the slowest reader will even finish this book within a day! The illustrations around the book are spectacular! I was pleasantly surprised to see a few illustrations in a young adult’s book. I absolutely love this book!

Thanks to Samantha for her review!

The Mad Apprentice: The Forbidden Library: Volume 2 By Django Wexler Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780803739765
Published: Kathy Dawson Books - April 21st, 2015

The dark and thrilling sequel to the book Kirkus called, "Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, and Inkheart all rolled into one"

The Forbidden Library By Django Wexler Cover Image
ISBN: 9780142426814
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Published: Puffin Books - March 17th, 2015

The Forbidden Library kicks off a brand new classic fantasy series perfect for fans of Coraline, Inkheart, and The Books of Elsewhere!

Alice always thought fairy tales had happy endings. That—along with everything else—changed the day she met her first fairy.