Required Reading

CHB stocks required reading! We want to work with you so that we can stock the books that students need! Here's how our required reading program works:

  • Send us your reading lists! We love to stock the books that students need! As such, we ask that teachers contact us with their required reading lists as early as possible, preferably at least 3 weeks prior to assigning the books to students. That way, we can be sure to have enough copies in a timely manner so that students and parents don't have to panic over due dates and neither do we!
  • Parents, in order to help insure we have the books your students need in stock, send us a copy of their reading lists in advance!
  • We offer several required reading options to suit your needs. Contact us to discuss which required reading option would be best for you and your students!
    • Teachers can send us their required reading list ahead of time (at least 3 weeks before assigning the books to students), and we can stock required books so that students can purchase the books themselves.
    • Teachers can collect student payment for the books themselves and order the books in bulk. This would insure that teachers and students can benefit from our bulk order discount!
    • For teachers who would like to order a classroom set of required reading books for their students, we offer tiered bulk order discounts on orders of 15 units or more!