Sophie Reviews The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman

I honestly did not know what to expect with this book, but the premise piqued my interest right away. Irene is a librarian, but not just any librarian. She is a spy for The Invisible Library, an entity that exists between worlds. Her job is to go out to alternate worlds and collect books. And sometimes the missions can get more than a little dangerous.

The most exciting thing about this book is that there is almost no fictional trope left unturned. Irene and her trainee, Kai, find themselves in an alternate Victorian London. There are cyborg alligators and centipedes, zeppelins dominate the skies, Fae create chaos, werewolves are not so uncommon, and vampires even make an appearance. The overall feel is a magical universe where steampunk and fantasy collides. And for those lovers of detective stories, you’d appreciate Mr. Vale, the Sherlock-like detective who’d do anything to solve a crime.

This is a great book for anyone who loves science fiction and/or fantasy with a detective twist and a steampunk feel. I highly recommend it, and I’m personally looking forward to reading the next installment of the series, The Masked City.

The Invisible Library (The Invisible Library Novel #1) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781101988640
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Published: Ace - June 14th, 2016

Collecting books can be a dangerous prospect in this fun, time-traveling, fantasy adventure—the first in the Invisible Library series!
One thing any Librarian will tell you: the truth is much stranger than fiction...