In Store Trade Policy

As a new and used bookstore we trade gently used books for credit toward other books in our store. We will examine each of your books and decide whether or not to trade it based on its content, condition, and our current inventory status – all of these factors go in to the salability of the book: if we cannot sell a book, then we cannot give you credit for it.

It is difficult to say what titles or types of books we may or may not be interested in at any given time. I may refuse one of your books one week due to overstock, but I may need it next time you come in, so feel free to bring it back. However, condition is very important; if I refuse your book based on the condition it is in, then you should not bring it back to the store. We strive to keep books that are in gently used condition, so once a book can no longer be labeled that way, we will discard it. Thus, we will never take books that are in poor condition. Any marks or writing in the books, dog ears, water stains, tears, smells, or stickers are reasons for it to be refused. Please remove all stickers before attempting to trade!

We do not trade encyclopedias, series romance novels, Reader's Digest Condensed Books, textbooks, or magazines, and we reserve the right to refuse any book.

How the trade works:
For the books we accept, we will give you a credit that reflects a portion of the retail value of the book (usually ¼ or 25% of the retail). You may use that credit toward the purchase of other books in the store.  Your credit may be used for up to half the price of a used book or up to 25% of the price of a new book.  For example,if a used book costs $10 you may use $5 in credit but the other $5 must be paid (we accept cash, checks, Visa, and Master Card). You do not have to use all of your credit in one transaction. Credit is kept on file along with your name and phone number.