We love Libro.fm!

Kailie wants to make sure that you know about Libro.fm and the Audiobook Switch Movement. She listens to audibooks because they make books in the Harry Potter series even more magical, but she listens through Libro.fm because it supports the store where her mom works! You can support CHB and get the best digital audiobooks through Libro.fm too! If you sign up and use the promo code SWITCH you get three books for the price of one!

We all know someone using a certain other audiobook platform, but here are a few reasons they may want to make the switch:

  • Three books for the price of one!
  • Support you favorite bookstore (aw, we love you too!)
  • Over 100,000 audiobooks to choose from!
  • $14.99 monthly fee = 1 credit per month
  • 30% off additional audiobooks and gifted audiobooks
  • Membership credits never expire
  • Audiobooks never expire - they are yours forever!
  • DRM-Free (your books to listen whereever you like!)
  • Recommendations from independent booksellers (like us! and Kailie - who would like to remind you that Jim Dale does the best narrations)
  • Pays a fair rate to publishers and authors (unlike certain other companies that will remain nameless)

So what are you even waiting for? Go to libro.fm/cavalierhousebooks and sign up! Then let you friends know how cool you are by posting about your awesome new audiobooks and using the #audiobookswitch!