Why CHB Fairs?

CHB Book Fairs are a great way to raise money for your school, group, or organization! Every fair we produce is unique; everything from the promotional material to the fair inventory is entirely customized to meet the needs and goals of your school or organization. We pride ourselves on our unique offerings and are always looking for new ways to improve and grow. Why should you choose a CHB fair? Here are some excellent reasons:

  • We’re customizable!
    • Every fair we set up is customized to meet the needs and requests of our host partners. No two fairs we produce are exactly alike, and we do our best to make sure that your fair is a perfect fit for you and your organization. From promotional letters & posters to book selection & sideline items, each fair we produce is completely unique to the tastes and preferences of our host partners!
  • We’re experienced!
    • We have over 10 years of bookselling and book industry experience. Our history has prepared us for any eventuality. Years of working with customers inside and out of the store have trained us to pair the right book with just the right reader and to solve any problems that may come along.
  • We’re flexible!
    • If your school or organization has an evening event (such as a family night) that you would like to incorporate the book fair into, we can do that as well!  We can provide extra workers to take care of all selling and fair upkeep for your event.
  • We’re scalable!
    • Large space? Small space? We can accommodate any size space! We make our own fixtures, and we can build your fair from the ground up to fit any sort of space you have to work with!
  • We’re creative!
  • We’re local!
    • CHB Book Fairs are a local, independent alternative to the other cookie cutter fair options that are available. Shopping local helps everyone - around 25% more of the money spent with CHB stays in our local economy than if it were spent with an alternative out of state based business. That means more of what's going around will come back around!
  • We care!
    • We bring real people with real book knowledge to set up and run your fair! We care about building relationships with you and your customers. Book fairs are a big part of our business philosophy; we aim to serve our community and all its literary needs. We are a company of book-lovers who really care about helping each reader find the perfect book!
  • We’re involved!
    • We provide help from the very beginning, handling the planning of your fair, inventory selection, and set-up. We work with you to create a selection of books and sideline items that are perfect for your school or organization's needs! We not only set up your fair, we help you run it for its duration. Other companies limit their involvement in fairs whereas we jump in neck deep! We provide an onsite CHB rep for all of our fairs to handle all of the setup, upkeep, tearing down, selling, cash-handling, and anything else that may need doing. This allows you to concentrate on helping your students and supporters and frees you up to promote your fair to make it a bigger success!
  • We’re connected!
    • With accounts with over 200 publishers and distributors we offer the widest possible selection for our fair stock and even include access to all of the latest e-books here online. Our goal is to offer what you and your customers want; with each fair we produce, we are constantly collecting data that will help us tweak our future fair offerings. We seek to eliminate what doesn't work for your school or organization and to replace it with more of what does!
  • We’re helpful!
    • If we don't have what one of your customers is looking for, we can take orders on items that we might not have currently in stock and have them delivered directly to your school or business when they arrive.

To request more information on hosting a CHB Book Fair, including our tiered fundraising schedule, contact us today!